Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients

Instead of repeating the title, I want you to read it again. Preparing food and spirit with the freshest that nature has to offer yields the best results. I omit a few key items, like truffles and fatty tuna flown in from Tokyo’s fish market. Otherwise, if it was grown around where you live, use it.

My latest creation, a efferfesent celebration of summer, utilizes Arlington Farmer’s Market blackberries and basil from my own garden.

The Montgomery Fizz, as the masses (read: John and I) have grown to call it, speaks to the palate on a number of levels, with the sweet-tartness of the blackberries setting the stage for the supporting basil and lemon juice to both balance and round out the otherwise simple flavors of the drink. Now, when I think basil, it usually accompanies a plate of vine ripe tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella. In that case, the basil stands on its own, a delightfully spicy herb that complements the milky cheese and sweet tomatoes.

In this drink, however, it lays quietly in the back, only doing so much as to lend an extra layer of body and complexity- like a jazz bassist- when present, almost unnoticeable, but when removed, the entire ensemble falls apart.

The final component is the DRY (note: Dry) sparkling wine, which lends a tangy and smile-widening bubble to the whole thing, and allows the blackberries to showcase their tart as well as their sweet side. Plus, who doesnt like sparkling wine?

Video to follow.


~ by crispypig on August 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients”

  1. That looks like the perfect drink (for seducing high school girls).

  2. good job on the video.

  3. Tahnks for posting

  4. $columns[4]

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