A sudden tack…

I’m changing the focus of this blog.

I’ll still write about drinks and schtuff, but I’d like to focus on other things going forward.

By Fall 2012, I aim to have researched, developed, and opened a restaurant/bar of my own. Not ON my own, just OF my own. Collin Davis, a friend I met through my buddy John and an accomplished cook, wants to be involved as well, and given our similar outlook on the industry and what the future holds, I think we can make something truly great.

I realize the challenge this presents — opening a restaurant is quite possibly one of the riskiest business ventures to undertake, period. The “80 percent of restaurants fail within a year of opening” statistic is scary, and for the most part, true. There’s no way to successfully complete this task with just the two of us. We need all the help we can get, whether it comes in the form of hard work, long hours, or cold hard cash.

Having been out of the service world for the better part of a year, I find myself longing for that experience, but recognize the importance of remaining rational and controlled in my thinking. Getting impulsive and hasty in this business is a quick way to sink yourself before even beginning.

Who do I want coming to this restaurant? Anyone. Everyone. But more specifically, I want people who care simply about a wonderful meal, who care about the history and future of food and drink, who have educated themselves and want to be educated by others, and who have decided that in this all-too uncertain world, an unyielding constant and source of comfort is how we treat ourselves.

Do I know these people? Yes, of course. I also know that they exist all over this country and the world, waiting to connect with those like them, and when minds like that meet (meat,) it creates an aura that fills me with joy and contentment. I don’t care if you’re drinking PBR when I’m drinking a ’61 Margaux, because I know that someday our roles will reverse, and we’ll still like each other the same.

So that’s that. With any luck, this blog will fill with my musings, thoughts, troubles, dreams, hopes, gripes, and shames about this new idea. And with some more luck, the day will come when I’ve invited Friends and Family to the pre-opening day of my (our) restaurant, and with a full stomach and a happy heart, embark on the Floating Island of my life, letting the current of Bordelaise take me wherever it can reach.

~ by crispypig on December 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “A sudden tack…”

  1. Request for future post: Could you say more about your “outlook on the industry”? I know very little about the philosophical underpinnings of said industry and would be interested to hear your thoughts. Also, as I’m sure you could guess, I am concerned that this change in subject matter will steer you away from taping more drink recipes. I am obligated to put in that request.

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    A sudden tack… | The Crispy Pig

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