The Kids are Alright.

This past Super Bowl Sunday, the country was slightly overrun with “Bacon Explosion” Mania. (via bbqaddicts)

It’s big, it’s ugly, it was DELICIOUS.

What it also was/is, is a connection to a centuries-old culinary tradition most likely unknown to the consumers of the aforementioned Explosion.

See (in VERY simple terms, forgive the spartan-ness of this description, Mr. Escoffier,) taking ground meat, seasoning it, and stuffing it into fat or cured fatty products, then cooking it slowly at a low temperature, is the backbone of making pat&eacute, terrines, and more.

Now, if that culinary monstrosity had been called “The Pat&eacute Explosion,” I’m guessing response would have been less mob-like. But, like a parent who grins inwardly upon secretly feeding their child brussels sprouts, mushrooms, or broccoli, I welcome a new age of culinary exposition and expression. Let them eat Pat&eacute, and let them shout its praises from the tallest building.

None of this would make any sense to me without the writings of one Michael Ruhlman. A master of uncomplicated, engaging prose, Ruhlman (as he is known to a fierce compatriot, Anthony Bourdain) wrote Charcuterie in an attempt to reinvigorate an otherwise waning school of (food) thought. Highly worth the read, and who knows – those who don’t dig on swine may find themselves unconsciously buying meat grinders and lengths of casing in an attempt to replicate the recipes described therein.

So hail to the Ch(i)ef, and screw the Steelers. The return of the terrine will be a magnificent event, helped along with newfound converts to this centuries-old, Super Bowl-approved masterpiece.

~ by crispypig on February 10, 2009.

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